Call RS Andrews plumbing at 404-793-7887 for a reliable plumbing service and repair in the Stone Mountain, GA area. Our plumbers perform residential and commercial jobs, including sewer repair, hot water heaters (including tankless water heaters), faucet and toilet installation and repair and much more.

Water Heater Repair and Installation Plumber

RS Andrews is a water heater specialist. Over the years we’ve installed and repaired tens of thousands of water heaters in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. Stone Mountain residents quite often make their very first plumber because a water heater has begun leaking. Call today for a repair of your old water heater. If it can’t be fixed will provide you with excellent prices on an upgrade water heater you’ll be proud to own. One that will last longer and provide you with more hot water than your families ever had in the past.

Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair in capstone Mountain GA

For more than a decade the RS Andrews plumbing team has been installing tankless water heaters. They are very energy efficient, space saving, provide unlimited amounts of hot water, are good for both residential and commercial installation, and last up to 20 years.

Because of recent changes in federal regulations, tankless water heaters are more popular than ever. Conventional, storage tank water heaters have become much more expensive to install. In some cases homeowners have to modify their house to allow a new larger water heater to fit. That makes retrofitting for tankless water heaters more cost-effective.

Busted Water Lines, Frozen Pipes

It can get cold here in Atlanta. The Stone Mountain area experiences several instances of frozen pipes every, hard winters blast comes through. As you remember from junior high school science, water expands when it freezes. Is the only substance to do so. In the confined space of your pipes, it will bust the pipe. Once the water thaws, your pipes begin to leak.

Toilets: Repair or Replace? Ask Your Plumber

If you’re contemplating updating the look of your bathroom, or you have a toilet that clogs up often, you may want to upgrade to a new toilet. There are a lot of things that a homeowner can do to repair the toilet themselves. You can replace the flapper with one you can find it any of the large hardware stores. There are YouTube videos on how to do this and other toilet repairs. But if this seems out of your wheelhouse or if you just don’t have the time, we hope you’ll give RS Andrews Plumbing a call. We have all the latest in residential and commercial toilets and can help you with any upgrade you desire in your bathroom or kitchen.