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What Type of Water Heater Should You Get?

If you are in the process of replacing an old water heater, you have many questions about what type of water heater you should get. There are many to choose from now. Also federal regulations have caused manufacturers to dramatically increase the energy efficiency of conventional, tank water heaters. But this has also dramatically increased their cost.

A new federal like regulation has just kicked in that has increased the minimum energy efficiency of a water heater. While this has obviously increased the cost of the unit itself it is also increased the size of the unit. What does that mean to you as a homeowner in Brookwood GA? It means that the space you have your water heater in may no longer be adequate. If it’s in a small closet type area it may have to be enlarged. The doorframe may have to be enlarged as well. Visit Conroe TX Water Heater Plumber.

Tankless Water Heaters Are On The Increase in Brookwood

Many homeowners are now opting to replace their old conventional storage tank water heater with a new, more energy efficient, tankless water heater. These units do not require a concrete floor to sit on. They can be installed on the wall most anywhere in your home. That means the water heater can be more centrally located.

These units only make hot water when needed. They also never run out of hot water. If you demand very high quantities of hot water at one time they can be hooked up in series.