Sink faucets that are installed in washrooms and the kitchen are usually very heavy-use fixtures and over a period of time are likely to spring a leak or even break down. The internal parts are made of rubber and tend to wear out. The o-rings and the washers are the first ones to go, the seats come next and in some cases the stem may need replacement as well. The resultant leaks may come from the joints and the water will leak out onto the counter. If you do not feel you can do this type of repair yourself, call the top rated plumbers on DeKalb County, GA for help.

Do Not Delay Sink and Faucet Repairs

Most people tend to postpone fixing a leaky faucet. But that is a definite waste of water and today it is more important than ever to do our bit for the environment. Apart from this, it’s always the hot water tap that tends to leak sooner than the cold water one. This is because the hot water affects the rubber washer and it wears out faster. A leaking faucet indirectly adds to your energy costs as well.

Top faucet brands available in DeKalb County, GA include Kohler, Delta, Danze, Moen.

How To Repair A Leaky Faucet

A simple leaky faucet does not need any specialized handling and you can easily fix it yourself using the following steps:

• Detach the cap from the faucet and remove the handle as well. The top cap can be pried off easily from the handle with any screwdriver. Now unscrew the screws that hold the handle down and take it off the faucet. The packing nut can be unscrewed with an adjustable wrench.

• Now pull the stem away from the body of the faucet with needle nose pliers. You will see the seat washer (rubber disk) right below the stem. Now unscrew the brass screw and remove the seat washer from its place.

• Before you replace the washer just file the stem a little. Smooth out all the protruding edges that you see.

• Now fix the brass screw back in place.

• Reassemble the handle as well as the cap. Insert the handle into the faucet and secure it in place with the original screws. Place the decorative cap on top and fix it firmly into the handle piece.

This is a simple job but there might be times when you do not have the tools or the time to attend to it. Call in a plumber and get the job done. Fixing a leaky faucet or replacing a sink will take just about an hour to fix.

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