Everyone is trying to save money in this struggling economy, and Noritz water heaters can help in this effort. Tankless models do not store hot water, but heat the water on an as-needed basis. Because of this instantaneous process, less energy is required to operate the unit. Tankless water heaters can really make a difference. These tankless wonders can furnish hot water for three to six showers at one time, depending on the model.

A typical family can have an endless supply of hot water forever, if they upgrade to a top rated product from a company like Noritz. It should be noted that there are other top rated brands of tankless water heaters including:

  • Rinnai
  • Rheem and
  • Navien.

According to the manufacturer, up to fifty percent less energy is used, which can result in substantial savings in the homeowner’s utility bills. It has been estimated by some that these kinds of units will last two to three times longer than conventional units resulting in even more savings for the homeowner.

In addition to financial savings they save time since family members do not have to wait for the water to become hot enough for their shower or bath. Another interesting feature is the way these types of water heaters mount on a wall rather than on the floor. This means less wasted floor space, which most homeowners will really appreciate.

Some models of Noritz tankless water heaters qualify for the Federal Energy Tax Credit. The amount of this credit can be up to fifteen hundred dollars, depending on the model chosen. The customer should look for models having the Energy Star Certification.

Although tankless water heaters are just beginning to catch on in the United States, they have been used widely in other countries in Europe and Asia for years. Noritz water heaters are used by some of the world’s finest luxury hotels and spas. According to the Noritz company, all components of the heaters are made by Noritz, and there are no other tankless waters on the market today with better quality.

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