Bradford White water heaters are about quality, and almost no person out there who’s ever owned one would say differently, for a fact. All water heaters have to meet certain minimum standards when it comes to safety and energy efficiency, and Bradford White heaters seem to exceed such standards with relative ease.

Certainly, Bradford White offers a wide variety of products meant for water heating, with the three most common being natural gas heaters, electric water heating and propane water heating. Nowadays, the company is also getting into solar water heating in a big way, which is bound to become more important and consumers seek to reduce their carbon footprints and cut back on their energy costs.

The company makes water heaters for both residential and commercial applications. Both types are extremely durable and promise to offer years of service without need for any sort of maintenance. All are also very efficient and seem to deliver more hot water in relation to the money spent on the particular heater.

Currently, the most popular models in the lineup are the electric versions the company refers to as “high efficiency upright energy savers.” They common with at least 2 inches of quality non-CFC foam insulation, a nice brass drain valve and fully automatic controls. There are also versions made for manufactured homes, as well.

As far as natural gas water heaters, Bradford White offers more than a few very nice models. One particular line, the 10 models in the Defender Safety System, offer capacities from 29 to 60 gallons and from 30,000 to 50,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) per hour, which is quite nice. All come with good energy saving features, with at least 1 inch of non-CFC foam insulating material.

When it comes to heating of water in the home or in some commercial application, Bradford White water heaters are among some of the most-liked and well-respected in the business, and are usually listed as upgrades in most new home construction projects. They offer durability and reliability as well as a nice price in many instances as well.

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