Silverstate Plumbing, a leading drain cleaning company in Las Vegas, NV, is providing homeowners and commercial property managers with the top five causes of clogged drains. Clogged drains can result in flooding, which will cause hundreds and even thousands of dollars of damage that could have been prevented.

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Silverstate Plumbers is revealing the five top causes for drain clogging: Grease, Paper, Food, Hair, Bath Salts.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

There are five top reasons that drains become clogged according to Silverstate Plumbing, a leading drain cleaning company in Las Vegas, NV By understanding what these causes are and preventing them from occurring, property owners can avoid having to pay for expensive repairs or take time out of their busy schedule to deal with flooding problems.

When a drain becomes clogged, sometimes the signs are immediate, especially in a sink or bathtub when the water doesn’t drain quickly. Other times, however, the clog in the drain can continue to build until the water is no longer able to enter the plumbing system. The water then slowly backs up into the home or business, causing damage to flooring, walls, furniture, and appliances.

To help homeowners and commercial property managers avoid having to make an emergency call to a drain cleaning or sewer repair contractor in Las Vegas, NV, Silverstate Plumbers is revealing the five top causes for drain clogging:

1. Grease – Many people believe that it’s okay to pour grease down a sink, especially if they use hot water. While the grease will go into the plumbing system as liquid, it can solidify as it cools, creating a blockage.

2. Paper – Most types of paper products, such as paper towels, cigarettes, and feminine products do not break down like tissue paper does.

3. Food – It is especially important to avoid washing food particles down drains because they, too, do not break down over time. Even if someone has a garbage disposal there are certain foods that should not be flushed into the system such as rice and pasta. These items expand from the amount of water in the pipes and will create a clog in the system.

4. Hair – Hair often sits in pipes, building up over time, so it is important to put in a filter or strainer that can catch the hair before it enters the drain system. Brushing hair away from a sink can also prevent build-up.

5. Bath salts – Bath salts are extremely popular but many of these products do not dissolve, collecting in the drain over time and causing problems.

By preventing these kinds of items from entering the drain system, residential and commercial property managers can keep their drains and plumbing systems operating smoothly. For more information on how Silverstate Plumbers can help, visit their website.

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